Efficy – Dynamic Treatments

Transforming the way you can offer treatments

Using the latest technology a multi-functional Modular platform, EFFICY has been created combining some of the most advanced aesthetic treatments on the market today. Effective visual results for face and body treatments from the first session. Combining three unique technologies that work synergistically with the products and ingredients of Germaine de Capuccini’s  Synergyage Cosmeceuticals and that also adapt to the needs of the client and therapist.

Using advanced technology and a unique Digital monopolar capacitive Radio-Frequency
that incorporates an innovative concept of deposited energy.

• NO RETURN ELECTRODE REQUIRED. The energy does not search a return electrode,
therefore depositing the energy where it is required. The energy propagates in a controlled way,
without refraction of waves and the therapist is therefore protected against undesired radiations.
• DIGITAL MONOPOLAR CAPTIVE. Enables heating of tissues from the inside to the outside
preventing damage to the surface of the skin it also ensures direct deposit of energy to the
specific area.
• LOW POWERED / COLD POWER SYSTEM -EFFICY. Has a low power consumption and a
cold electronic system, prolonging the life span of the equipment and the duration of use.
• REGULATED UNIQUE PULSE WIDTH. Control of energy by pulse width. The energy is sent in
packages of waves, which enables control of the energy to be delivered and personalised to the
tissue and the client.
Innovative and exclusive digital technology with “push-pull effect”. Its innovation lies in the combination of a single head with a simultaneous vacuum and pressing on the tissue.

Innovative and exclusive digital technology with “push-pull effect”. Working with a simultaneous
vacuum and pressing on the tissue.
Combining vacuum and pressotherapy effects in one single head.

This revolutionary technique massages the treated area activating an improving the circulation
increasing the provision of oxygen and nutrients to the treated area, facilitating the drainage to stimulate the elimination of waste fluids.
Advanced digital transdermal technology that guarantees the noninvasive penetration of ingredients in the desired depth plane: epidermis, dermis, subdermis using PIEZO-ELECTRIC AND RESONATING EFFECT.

• NON-INVASIVE SOLUTION. Allows penetration of any ingredient regardless of its polarity and cosmetic form.
• TARGETING THE LAYERS OF THE SKIN. Using an emission system of waves in the form of packages that allows a comprehensively dose of deposited energy which ensures the deposit on the desired cutaneous plane (epidermal, dermal, hypodermal).
• INCREASED DIFFUSION. Using PIEZO-ELECTRIC AND RESONATING EFFECTS to Increase of the passive diffusion through the stratum corneum.
• INCREASE PERMABALITY. Increase of the electrical conductivity and therefore of the permeability of the cellular plasmatic membrane.
• PROTECTION AND PENERATION. The product has the opportunity to penetrate through the pores in a nanoseconds; after this period, the pores that have been formed are sealed.

The Images below show a client after just one 60 minute treatment which combined all three technologies, RF, Vacuum Push-Pull and DTI


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The most recent launch of Epidermal Growth Factor is applied using the DTI system.

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