B-Calm is our first ever dermoscometics range, created in close collaboration with the University of Valencia. Specifically designed to treat highly sensitive skin and Rosacea.

B-Calm Micellar Water Gel (200ml)

A hypo-allergenic Micellar cleansing gel formulated for very sensitive skin which cleanses deeply without any irritation or discomfort to the skin.  It immediately relieves any feeling of itchiness or burning uncomfortable feeling.

  • 100% Tolerance on sensitive skin (tested on 90 people) 
  • 72% of users prefer Micellar Water Gel instead of any other cleansers used before

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Moisturising Creams

The Fundamental Moisturising Creams stimulate the natural defence systems and reduce the susceptibility to irritation, visibly improving the signs of sensitivity. Hydrating, soothing and comforting the most sensitive of skin, the skin’s texture improves considerably and the sensations of discomfort disappear.

B-Calm SOS Intensive Care 30ml

An emergency soothing treatment for very sensitive skin, or simply when the skin has a crisis that requires a special hard-hitting approach to soothe, calm and provide an instant effect.

In less than 2 minutes it soothes the sore/stinging feeling of extreme sensitivity.

After using this product for 4 weeks:

  • 94% Reduction in sensitivity
  • 91% Reduction in redness and irritation
  • 96% Reduction in desquamation

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