The hydrating force of Hyaluronic Acid

The brand new Hyaluronic Force serum contains 3 molecular sizes of hyaluronic Acid, providing the ultimate in hydration. This powerful serum is our most effective hydrating product yet.

To celebrate the launch of this powerful new product we are offering Hydracure combo sets, providing Hyaluronic Force and Hydracure Cream, giving a saving of up to £35.35. Choose your skin type below:

Normal / Combination
Normal / Dry
Very Dry

Perfect for men’s skin too

Hyaluronic Force is fragrance-free, light and absorbs fast into the skin, making it perfect for men’s skin too. To celebrate the launch of this powerful new product, we are offering a launch offer for a limited time. Purchase Hyaluronic Force serum and Powerage moisturiser together for a 20% saving.


Hyaluronic Force Serum 7amp; Powerage

Hyaluronic Force

  • Hydractive formula means 100% hydrating activity.
  • Generates a fine, transparent layer that prevents the loss of water.
  • Continued use helps to recover and protect the skin’s natural hydration system.
  • Deeper hydration results in smoother, supple and flexible skin, faded wrinkles and increased luminosity.


Hyaluronic Force Serum