Vitamin C Derivative (VC-IP)

Vitamin C Derivative (VC-IP)

Vitamin C Derivative (VC-IP) provides all the benefits of Vitamin C with a more effective penetration to enhance its firming, brightening and protecting action.

Applying Vitamin C to skin has a stronger effects than when taken orally as it lasts in the skin for up to three days.

Benefits on the skin


  • Stimulates production of collagen
  • Brightens and revitalises
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Reduces high colour
  • Repairs damaged skin – great after sun exposure

Products containing Vitamin C Derivative (VC-IP)

  • Intensive Multi-Correction Cream (A.G.E)

    Timexpert C+ (A.G.E) Intensive Multi-Correction Cream

  • Flash C Radiance Mask (one unit)

  • Timexpert C+ (A.G.E) Intensive Multi-Correction Emulsion

  • Timexpert C+ (A.G.E) Pure C Essence

  • Vitamin C & Rosehip Radiance Luxury Gift Box


    Worth £102.55

  • Timexpert C+ (A.G.E) Correction & Luminosity Eye Contour

  • Timepxert-C+-Travel-Size

    Timexpert C+ (A.G.E) Intensive Multi-Correction Cream Travel Size

  • Timexoert-C+-Promo-Box-Cream

    Timexpert C+ (A.G.E) Luminosity Gift: Cream


    Worth £107.55

  • Dot-Box-C+

    Dotty Box:Timexpert C+ (A.G.E.) Cream


    Worth £151.30

  • Timexoert-C+-Promo-Box-Emulsion

    Timexpert C+ (A.G.E) Luminosity Gift: Emulsion


    Worth £107.55

  • Excel Therapy Premier The SERUM

    Excel Therapy Premier ‘The Serum’

  • the-cream

    Excel Therapy Premier ‘The Cream’