Options Shock Fluids

Fast and intense pace of life leave the skin being exposed to pollution, stress and sun damage more frequently. Designed to treat specific problems intensely over a short period of time, our Shock Fluids provide immediate and long-term benefits targeting 3 common skin problems:


Photo-Aged Recovery

Repair and strengthen UV damaged skin

  • Shock Fluids: Photoaged Recovery

    Shock Fluids: Photoaged Recovery


 Folic Acid and Vitamin D3 repair and strengthen the skin’s DNA that has been damaged by UV rays. Highly recommended after intense sun exposure.

86% have more luminous & revitalised skin.*


SOS Stressage

Reduce inflammation and strengthen tolerance

  • Shock Fluids: SOS Stressage

    Shock Fluids: SOS Stressage


 Encapsulated Oxygen and Niacinamide soothe and reduce inflammation on the skin whilst strengthening its tolerance to prevent future reactions.

84% have more comfortable skin.*

Stop Pollution

Reduce cellular damage caused by free radicals

  • Stop Pollution Shock Fluid

    Shock Fluids: Stop Pollution


 Generates a fine film to prevent pollution particles entering the skin. L-Carnosine blocks pro-oxidant metals to reduce cellular damage caused by free radicals.

91% have more hydrated & velvety skin.*

*Self evaluation tests – see specific product page for more details.