Exfoliating Expert Socks

Beautiful Feet can be Yours with a little help from our Expert Socks


Exfoliating Expert Socks

Beautiful Feet can be Yours with a little help from our Expert Socks


Beautiful feet can be yours with our powerful exfoliating socks that work in just 15 minutes!

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SIZE: Pack 2

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2 pairs of disposable socks impregnated with powerful ingredients to eliminate hard skin and help the feet recover a smoothness.  The formulation is based on Alpha & Beta Hydroxi Acids (Glycolic, Lactic & Salicylic Acids) offering a powerful exfoliating action.  Reduces the thickening of the skin, eliminating roughness and hardness as well as accelerating the repair process of the skin.  Perfect for dry and cracked heels.

The socks are formed with two layers, the external layer creates a closed environment at a stable temperature that allows the rapid penetration of the ingredients and retails the formula allowing for a uniform application of product.

The second and internal layer is soaked in the active exfoliating solution and remains in direct contact with the skin of the feet.

There is an external adhesive so that you can adjust easily the sock to the ankle area and keep them in place.

To perform a more comprehensive treatment on the feet, consider the Magnifeet Set which also contains the socks together with an electrical file and Rescue Feet Foot Cream.

Do not use on broken skin.

Germaine de Capuccini

How to use

1. The feet must be clean before using the socks.
2. Take the pair of socks out of the sachet and massage them with both hands until uniformly spreading the product.
3. Cut the top part and put them on both feet, adjusting them with the adhesive.
4. After 15’ remove the socks, eliminate excess product with lukewarm water and carefully dry the feet.

Dispose of socks after removal, and massage in a cream to the feet – we suggest Rescue Feet – the perfect complement.


Glycolic Acid is, of all the AHAs, the one with the smallest molecular size, so it can penetrate the skin faster at deeper layers. By reducing the cohesion of the corneocytes it accelerates the natural process of exfoliation and the thickness of the stratum corneum is reduced. The distance between each cell becomes greater and as a consequence the space occupied by the intercellular cement increases, so the amount of water retained inside it also increases, and the level of skin hydration returns to normal levels.Lactic Acid is an AHA with great keratolitic and exfoliating power. Some of its salts, such as sodium lactate, are a part of the skin’s natural hydration factor, which make it a unique AHA because apart from exfoliating it also hydrates the skin. It is one of the most used AHAs because of its capacity to increase skin firmness, hydration and cellular renewal.Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxi acid with great keratolitic power.
It is very useful for softening the most hyperkeratinised areas of the feet, such as hardness and calluses.

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