Timexpert Hydraluronic Supreme Cream – Refill



SIZE: 50ml

Timexpert Hydraluronic Supreme Cream – Refill



SIZE: 50ml

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Refill & Renew offers a new way to replenish your favourite cream, reducing the use of plastic resources in packaging. Now available as a refill, our popular intensive moisturiser that helps to restore plumpness and hydration to the skin, providing a cosmetic filling effect. For very dry skin. This initiative not only focuses on the present but also extends towards tomorrow, guiding our actions to preserve the beauty of our planet.


*The new refills are not compatible with our current cream pots. However, our upcoming pots will feature a removable middle, allowing for easy swapping. In the meantime, if you are purchasing refills for existing jars, you may need to transfer the product manually or use the refill directly.

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Timexpert Hydraluronic Supreme Cream – Refill




A recyclable eco refill that can be placed inside the original jar, repeatedly, once it’s finished.

The new refillable format allows us to give a second life to our packaging to encourage more environmentally friendly consumption, helping us all take steps to a more sustainable future.

Each Eco Refill container vs. the Original Container results in:

95% less plastic

94% lower CO2 emissions

50% less cardboard

90% less waste

97% lower electrical consumption

20% discount each time you want to refill your cream


Discover a revolutionary hydration concept with Timexpert Hydraluronic.

In just 10 days:

+ 72% Hydration

+ 45% Plumpness 

Our exclusive formulation combines the power of Hyaluronic Acid with our patented HLG nanopolymer, creating an innovative treatment for visibly denser, dewier and more hydrated skin.

TIMEXPERT HYDRALURONIC acts like a “cosmetic injection”. Not only have we developed formulations with a deeper and longer-lasting action, but the expertly combined blends of different ingredients have proven to have extraordinary results in terms of skin HYDRATION AND PLUMPNESS, showing once again that unity is strength.

The most essential anti-ageing treatment with a very intense, long-lasting hydrating action. 24-Hour hydration*.

Redensifies and smooths the skin from within, gradually restoring its plumpness.

Innovative, highly sensory textures.

Daily treatment with a light texture and anti-ageing action that quickly melt into the skin without leaving a greasy sensation. Help to restore skin volume and hydration while providing a cosmetic plumping effect.



Comfort and suppleness for very dry skin.

Helps to synthesise endogenous hyaluronic acid, which the skin loses with age.


Limiting our environmental impact is in our hands. At Germaine de Capuccini, we’ve developed more sustainable alternatives in our packaging without compromising the quality of our products. We’re working today to reinvent the beauty of tomorrow.

Germaine de Capuccini

How to use

Apply in the morning and evening over the face, neck and décolletage.

Key Ingredients

3 Reviews

Trusted Customer
1st Jul 2024
Love the fact that I can just pop the old one out and the new one in with less waste
Trusted Customer
10th Feb 2024
(Timexpert Hydraluronic 3D Force Serum 50ml review)
Excellent product -love the feel of my skin now and skin looks much brighter and well hydrated - but I do worry that we are paying a lot for the packaging and bottle - and it produces a lot of recycling -is this something that might be addressed in the future
Trusted Customer
2nd Dec 2023
(Timexpert Hydraluronic Hydra-Nourishing Mask 50ml review)
Love this mask. Skin is super hydrated and feels amazing