Crystal Harmony

An exfoliating full body massage with precious stones

An exquisite massage medium containing extracts of Diamond, Rhodocrosite and Malachite is combined with a gentle exfoliation powder producing a luxurious mousse that renews the skin and energises the body. A collection of semi-precious minerals, whose chromatic tone corresponds with 7 chakra points on the body are used for a highly relaxing holistic massage.

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A sublime & sensual experience that combines the energy and power of precious stones and mineral elixirs through the most exquisite exfoliating massage.    Working to balance and re-energise the body and mind through the seven chakra energy points on the body.  Working exclusively with:
  • Diamond: its energetic action provides clarity to the mind
  • Amethyst: Its energy provides inner peace
  • Sapphire: One of the most valuable stones, soothes and relieves irritated skin
  • Ruby: Stimulating the mental faculties and harmonising body & spirit
  • Malachite: a stone of sensuality and beauty, working as a cellular protector and detoxifier, increases the production of collagen and elastin
  • Rhodocrosite: Generating feelings of serenity and inner harmony, its elixir has anti-stress and anti-ageing properties
Full Body Treatment 60 minutes

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