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Energy 30

Energising Black Tea back massage

This invigorating experience includes a back massage using our Black Tea Jelly Oil rich in anti-oxidants and minerals to nourish and energise the skin.

Energy 60

Revitalising facial therapy with Vitamin C

This facial therapy re-energises the skin using Vitamin C and Ume Extract to revitalise the tone and activate collagen synthesis. Your therapy includes a warm Japanese facial cleanse combining the ultimate in luxury and results.

Energy 90

Black Tea body massage & White Tea Facial

Your energising Sperience Moment commences with a gentle pinda massage before an invigorating full body massage using Black Tea Jelly Oil, high in minerals and anti-oxidants to energise the skin. Your moment continues with a warm Japanese facial cleanse and White Tea Nectar facial massage and is completed with some gentle neck stretches.

Energy 105

Warm Cinnamon body massage & Obsidian stone facial

Your energising Sperience Moment commences with our VIP Foot Cleanse ritual followed by a warm Cinnamon full body massage to release tension and re-energise the body. Finally enjoy a holistic facial massage using warm Obsidian Stones to release negative energies leaving you totally rested and reinvigorated.

The Benefits

  • Toning
  • Refresh and nourish the skin
  • Firming effect
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Revitalization and hydration
  • Revitalizes the hair

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