Excel Therapy O2 Cityproof

Oxygenating anti-pollution facial for suffocated skin

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The Excel Therapy O2 CityProof professional treatment works both on the skin’s surface and deeper levels to help it defend itself against pollution, oxidative stress and recover from any damage caused.

On the surface: A group of perfectly biocompatible Polysaccharides create a fine film that covers the skin. This neutralises the oxidative stress produced by the three large groups of pollutants that attack our skin cells on a daily basis.

In the deeper layers: MPC-Defense Complex re-establishes cellular communication to reinforce the skin’s immune system making it more able to defend itself against emotional or environmental stress promotes cellular regeneration strengthening the skin’s natural ability to repair and renew itself.

The Results

More oxygenated with more vitality and luminosity
Detoxified skin, decongested features and a less stressed apperance
Skin more toned and plumped out

Self-assessment test carried out on 200 volunteers between 24 and 72 years of age.

Excel Therapy O2 CityProof

Treatment Benefits

  • Improves cell metabolism and oxygenation
  • Stimulates the natural process of skin regeneration
  • Reinforces the skin’s defences, activating the immune system
  • Eliminates the dull appearance and greyish tone of the skin
  • Stimulation of micro-circulation

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