Mediterranean Candle Massage – RESTORATIVE CANDLE MASSAGE

A warming full body massage

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Experience Mediterranean Candle Massage – RESTORATIVE CANDLE MASSAGE

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Choose one of our Mediterranean inspired massage candles; Lavender, Olive or Citrus which will be burned while you enjoy a relaxing pinda massage. The warm oil from the candle is then poured over the body for a prolonged body massage, using deep and soothing movements.

This indulgent massage will ease tension whilst natural antioxidants will hydrate and nourish the skin.

Choose from one of the following Mediterranean inspired candles depending on your mood:

  • Sunset in Egypt (Citrus): Enriched in Mandarin Butter this sweet candle helps to relieve stress and anxiety. A high concentration of Vitamin A provides intense hydration.
  • The Colour of Provence (Lavender): For a totally aromatic experience this aroma totally relaxes the mind and body.
  • Flavours of Andalucía (Olive and Rosemary) Rich antioxidants to protect the body against free radicals. Olive butter is also rich in Vitamin E and K to help improve skin suppleness.

Full Body Treatment 60 minutes

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