Purexpert Re-Balance

Purifying facial to reduce oiliness and spots

Purexpert commences with an enzyme packed gel to extract blackheads and whiteheads, followed by a red clay mask to deeply cleanse and reduce the size of the pores. The treatment concludes with a Blemish Balm (BB) Cream to leave the skin smooth & hydrated.

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Hormonal changes can often cause spots, acne and excess oil. Whilst more common in younger skin, older skin may still be susceptible to these issues. Your therapist will treat your skin according to its exact needs.  The treatment includes a deeply renewing exfoliation treatment which can be followed by extraction when required. Key ingredients include Salicylic Acid to renews the cells and regenerate the epidermis, Manuka and Willow Herb, anti-bacterial ingredients that reduce sebum production and Hyaluronic Acid to regulate moisture.

  • Oily Skin is deeply cleansed, balanced and hydrated.
  • Skin with acne is left purified.
  • Normal and combination skin becomes smoother and more radiant.

Treatment Time – 60 mintues


98.60% have cleaner skin with a more matt appearance
93% have reduced pores & imperfections
92% have smoother and more radiant skin

* Self-assessment test on 146 individuals after 1 treatment

Experience Purexpert Re-Balance near you

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