Serenity Moments

Switch off, unwind & calm your mind

If you are living an accelerated, high pressured life, affected by all types of stress with little down time, this treatment will help you rest for improved inner peace and calmer state of mind.

Available in 30 , 60, 90, and 105 minuet variations.
Some spa’s and salons may offer a limited choice


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Serenity 30
Warming back, neck and shoulder massage

Using a specialised thermo massage balm, this relaxing therapy will ease tension in the back, neck and shoulders with a blissful warming sensation.

Serenity 60
Soothing Mediterranean candle full body massage

As your Mediterranean candle burns, it releases an indulgent warm oil which is gently poured over the body and massaged in whilst you breathe in its beautiful aroma.
Your therapy concludes with gentle neck stretches.

Serenity 90
Balancing full body massage & Royal Jelly Facial

Your serenity Sperience Moment uses a luxurious massage medium containing Diamond, Amethyst, Sapphire and Ruby extracts to smooth and renew the skin. A collection of semi-precious minerals rebalance the mind and body using the 7 chakra points of the body.
Your moment concludes with our Royal Jelly Elixir facial.

Serenity 105

Soothing body massage, exfoliation and scalp massage

Your serenity Sperience Moment commences with our VIP foot ritual before we gently exfoliate and polish the body with our Bamboo Scrub. Continue to unwind with our prolonged massage using warm oil from our Lavender infused candle to ease tension in
the body. Your journey is complete with our totally relaxing scalp massage.

Experience Serenity Moments near you

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