Sperience Chocolate Sensation

Full body chocolate scrub and wrap

A delicious chocolate therapy with zero calories! This deeply hydrating and nourishing therapy begins with a stimulating chocolate body scrub to buff away dead skin cells before a deeply warming full body chocolate envelopment with a rich, sensual aroma. The treatment concludes with a light, refreshing massage to reinvigorate the body and leave you full of vitality.

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Packed with pure Cocoa this therapy combines pure indulgence with intensive nourishing and hydrating benefits. You skin is totally renewed before the application of our warm chocolate wrap which contains caffeine to stimulate the fat burning process. Finally our rich, nourishing cocoa butter is applied – packed with shea butter and avocado to nourish and moisturise the skin.

As cocoa is also known to induce the production of endorphines which stimulate the senses and release tension you can  expect to be left with an improved feeling of wellbeing.

Full Body Treatment 60 minutes

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