Timexpert Rides Neo Age -EXPERT COLLAGEN BOOST

The most advanced therapy to combat lines & wrinkles

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Experience Timexpert Rides Neo Age -EXPERT COLLAGEN BOOST

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The most exceptional and advanced anti-ageing treatment from Germaine de Capuccini. Winner of Vogue Spain’s “Best Professional Treatment” 2021.

A new generation, advanced therapy for lines & wrinkles. This highly effective treatment offers unparalleled results in reducing the length and depth of wrinkles. Ideally taken as a course of three treatments and combined with a specific home care programme proven results show a 43% improvement*.

Neo Age combines its exclusive formula with an effective massage technique based on Facial Yoga and Facial Cupping that adds to the effectiveness of this treatment.


*Results are supported by the University of Valencia Faculty of Medicine

The Results

The results are supported after testing at the University of Valencia

Improvement in length & depth of wrinkles
Smoother Skin
Denser Skin
Fewer Deep Wrinkles
Faded Wrinkles
Some wrinkles have disappeared completely

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