Recent research has discovered that we can actually control the genetics that age our skin.

External factors in the environment and our lifestyle choices (epigenetics) affect how our genes are read. When switched off, our cells can no longer create the essential proteins needed to keep functioning efficiently. Consequently, this leads to flaccidity, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles and dullness appearing on the skin.

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The WORLD’S FIRST professional treatment to target Epigenetics

Timexpert SRNS Global Anti-age ON is a brand new professional treatment from Germaine de Capuccini. It targets two of the main causes of skin ageing:

  • Genetic ageing (the effects that epigenetics have on our genes)
  • Environmental factors

Epigenol is included within it’s intelligent formula therefore targeting ageing caused by genetics. Zinc Glycine Complex is an award winning complex that boosts the skin’s defences against environmental stress. It achieves this by neutralising cell damage.

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How does Epigenol help to reverse genetic skin ageing?

Epigenol is made from a specific species of Calendula Flower that grows in Egypt. By an innovative process, specific Glycostructures are extracted from the flower. These structures are the optimal size to regulate Epigenome changes caused by the passing of time and external aggression.

These structures create the perfect environment for epigenetic tags to switch on dormant genes therefore they are readable again. Essential proteins are then produced which increases the skin cell’s function.

This allows the following processes occur:

  • A regulation of Procollagen I synthesis means the skin produces collagen more effectively therefore firming and reducing winkles.
  • The elastin fibres organise themselves more successfully and as a result, the skin’s support structure is strengthened.

Germaine de Capuccini Laboratories

The Germaine de Capuccini laboratories have created an exclusive ingredient in response to this discovery. Epigenol is capable of making the genes readable again.

Timexpert SRNS PRO 60+ Extra Nourishing Cream

Based on research into Epigenetics, this all round cream provides firming, wrinkle reduction, revitalisation, improved pigmentation and hydration. Especially for mature skin or skin which has aged prematurely.

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