Discover 10 fascinating facts About TIMEXPERT HYDRALURONIC 

The TIMEXPERT collection, which encompasses Germaine de Capuccini’s premium anti-ageing treatments, is continuing to grow and thrive.  

Today we’re telling you 10 facts about the new treatment with an exclusive formula that allows you to achieve juicy, hydrated and visibly plumper skin in 10 days and needle-free filling.  

1. Why is it called TIMEXPERT HYDRALURONIC?  

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most popular and sought-after ingredients in the beauty world. You’ve probably already tried a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid to get rid of wrinkles on your face.  

Because you know that without good hydration, your skin can never be healthy and young. So, the new Germaine de Capuccini launch combines these two parts of its effect and main component: “hydra” from hydration and “luronic” from hyaluronic acid.  

2. The science behind the name: HLG nanopolymer  

There are many names that are regulars in the world of beauty, but none is as powerful for your skin as this one. It sounds scientific, and it really is.  

Germaine de Capuccini holds the exclusive patent for the HLG nanopolymer in the professional cosmetics area. And now, for the first time, this exclusive ingredient is fused with Hyaluronic Acid in TIMEXPERT HYDRALURONIC.  

HLG has a super hydrating activity in itself given its composition (Hyaluronic Acid in its reticulated format and Polyglutamic Acid, connected by lysine bridges), which retains a large amount of water, plumping the tissues. It also transports all the ingredients in the formula into the skin.  

What’s more, it allows them to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and work their magic for longer, since it ensures the sustained and prolonged release of the ingredients.  

3. Visible hydration and plumpness in 10 days 

This is the star number of the line. If Germaine de Capuccini treatments are known for anything, it is the guarantee of their effectiveness.  

The innovative technology of its formula allows you to achieve, in just 10 days, skin with 72% more hydration and 45% plumper after using the home products and salon treatment.   

Another important number. More than 50 volunteers have tested the treatment. Tests have been carried out by Germaine and external laboratories on volunteers between 21 and 72 years of age, with all skin types, men and women, including 14 cancer patients.  

4. Restored volume in the skin and lips  

Within 10 days of using the products at home and one salon treatment session, the effects on the lips are already noticeable. 98% of users noted their lips appeared rehydrated and juicier, and 74% said they were re-plumped and filled.  

5. Gelatin and a bright blue colour for a wonderful sensory experience  

Choosing these two elements for the campaign was part of creating the user experience.  

The brightness of the creams’ textures, their fresh, lightweight feel, the water effect on the skin, the colours, the Cool Massager accessory in the salon treatment, the intense blue mask that completes the experience. These are the organoleptic qualities of the product that give clients a complete sensory experience. 

Gelatin, which falls between a solid and liquid state, represents the fusion that has been achieved with this formula, which hydrates and plumps the skin from the inside for visible volume from the outside. 

And the pastel blue Pantone also evokes water, but without having a transparent hue. Hyaluronic acid is a fountain of beauty, and this colour perfectly represents the richness of the formula.  

TIMEXPERT HYDRALURONIC is the second blue-hued treatment in the history of Germaine de Capuccini. We used to have a cream with a more turquoise shade called HYDRASOIN.  

6. With or without fragrance, giving sensitive skin more choice  

Fragrance is also part of this journey to achieve a complete and adapted experience. It is a fragrance without artifice, but with nuances. Evoking purity and freshness.  

The top notes of its olfactory pyramid, that is, those released in the first 15 minutes, feature a blend of green ozone, bergamot and mint. At the heart of the perfume are aqueous cyclamen and water lily. The fragrance culminates in a base of musk and wood.  

The fragrance has been removed from the salon treatment to minimise the risk of allergies in people with sensitive skin and cancer patients. What’s more, a room diffuser has been created for the first time with the fragrance of the line so that beauty salons can use it and offer the complete experience. 

7. A genderless cream for women and men  

This point was another premise we focused on from the outset of developing the product. It is the first time that we have developed a TIMEXPERT line designed for all genders from the beginning. Both the fragrance and the texture of the creams have been created with everyone in mind and tested on men and women with very positive ratings in both cases.  

The only product that does not have fragrance is the HYALURONIC 3D FORCE serum. This is an ideal after-shave product for men who don’t like moisturisers but want daily hydration. 

8. Oncological patients at the heart  

Germaine de Capuccini has a firm commitment to the fight against cancer through its various projects, and our laboratory furthers this commitment to the cause by creating products to help patients feel better.  

For this reason, we wanted to develop a treatment for sensitive skin and cancer patients. In order for them to use it, fragrance was removed from the professional skincare treatment and an allergen-free fragrance was sought for the products in the range.  

9. Antioxidants from red algae and black fern  

These plant-based ingredients are where the SGAGs are extracted from, one of the three ingredients that nourish the formula and play an important role in skin vitality and intra- and extracellular communication. These are powerful antioxidants that shield the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals. 

10. Do you know what skin icing is?  

Cryotherapy, as the traditional method is called, has been used for centuries. This technique is the inspiration for the Hydraluronic Massage, which is part of the salon treatment with the Cool Massager accessory.   

The accessory is an important feature of the treatment for the thermal contrast it provides and is used in the different massage manoeuvres to define, drain, detoxify and de-stress the skin, bringing the client to a state of relaxation by working on the face, neck and décolletage.