Skinbiome Repair

Exclusively to Germaine de Capuccini, Skinbiome Repair is designed to increase the skin’s tolerance by rebalancing its microbiota.

New research has shown that Skin Microbiota plays an important part in strengthening and defending the skins surface layer. An imbalance of this Microbiota damages this barrier, causing inflammation, infection and allergies.

Skinbiome Repair contains two types of probiotics to keep the microbiota balanced by stopping the growth of bad bacteria. This strengthens the skins natural barrier so that it becomes more resistant over time.

Benefits on the skin

  • Increases the skin’s tolerance to reduce sensitivity long term
  • Calms current irritation, redness, flareups
  • Increases repair & regeneration
  • Increase water retention to improve hydration


B-Calm Micellar Water Gel


B-Calm SOS Intensive Care


B-Calm Correcting Cream SPF20


B-Calm Fundamental Moisturising Cream (Light)


B-Calm Fundamental Moisturising Cream (Rich)