Perfect Form Fit Contour Menopause Specific 200 ml



SIZE: 200ml

Perfect Form Fit Contour Menopause Specific 200 ml



SIZE: 200ml

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Perfect Form Fit Contour Menopause Specific 200 ml

designed to work against accumulations produced by hormone changes


It is a fact that the bodies of women suffer modifications caused by hormone changes when their life cycle reaches menopause: stubborn fat accumulations localised in the abdomen, hips and waist. 

Now with this relaunching of Fit Contour we intend to make more known the concept of “menopause specific reducer”. 

Women with menopause have to feel involved. Our target public should know that the accumulations that arise in menopause should not be treated as we normally treat cellulite, and that it needs a special and concise solution. This solution is provided by a specific product: Fit Contour from Perfect Forms. 


Why the need for a specific product? 

With the menopause a loss of estrogens is produced, among them estradiol. This hormone has a special importance in the process of fat elimination. This is why when reaching the menopause, due to the reduction of estradiol, we experience a greater accumulation of fat, and the slimming skincare products gradually stop producing the previous results. Even the thinnest women, despite not gaining weight, see how their abdomen swells up and their waist widens. 

The reduction of estrogens favours the accumulation of fat deposits. 


Specific formulation 

For the first time, and thanks to a specific extract (Alga Phyllacantha) that enriches the formula of Fit Contour, the deficient activity of estradiol is compensated. Estradiol is directly implicated in the lipolytic process of the adipose cells. 

Its special formula, prepared based on natural ingredients, offers a revolutionary technology to “restore the activity and youthfulness” to the cells in charge of eliminating fat accumulations: 

  • Alga Phyllacantha extract: natural ingredient extracted from a marine alga that compensates the activity that the estradiol stops doing. In this way it promotes fat elimination in the adipocyte. 
  • Caffeine enhanced by silanol: everybody knows caffeine as a basic ingredient of any slimming product. 



On the other hand, silanol helps “rejuvenate” the silhouette due to its firming and restructuring properties. It helps restore lost firmness and suppleness while improving hydration. 

  • “Patch effect”: its formula forms a transparent film that remains on the skin, allowing a continuous liberation of ingredients, while protecting and strengthening hydration. 

Germaine de Capuccini

How to use

Apply every morning and/or night on the abdomen and waist with massage.

It is optional but, to obtain better results, we recommend you use the specific abdomen-waist massage created especially to preserve the harmony of the silhouette. (Explained in the package insert).

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