Timexpert Lift & Contour

The ultimate facial to lift and re-define facial features

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Whilst visible signs of ageing occur from the age of 30 – 35, research shows that flaccidity occurs in the deeper levels of the skin 10 years before this becomes visible. Timexpert Lift and Contour can be used to correct flaccid skin and lack of volume but also to slow down the process before it begins.

The star ingredient within this treatment is V-matrix. Developed exclusively in the Germaine de Capuccini laboratories it works to strengthen the dermal support matrix for a natural lifting effect. In addition to this calcium and glucose stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid on the dermis, helping to increase the density of the skin, whilst providing a constant reserve of hydration.

Treatment Time – 60 minutes

The Results

Self-evaluation test, carried out with volunteers between 35 and 69 years of age

After 1 treatment results show:

99% have firmer, more supple skin after 1 treatment
100% have a more defined facial contour
100% have more volumised skin