Tissulage Tech

The regenerating power to fight static wrinkles comes from the advance in the knowledge of tissue engineering with Tissulage Tech, a complex of peptides for the global regeneration of the Extracellular Matrix. The tissue of the dermis damaged by age is replaced by “new skin” thanks to the development of a new three-dimensional framework.

Tissulage Tech regenerates the Extracellular Matrix damaged by the passing of the years, lifting the framework of proteins of the dermis and generating new collagen and elastin. This is an improvement of the firmness and suppleness of the skin, and most of all a reduction of the volume and length of the wrinkles, fine and deep.


Timexpert Rides Coffret – Soft Cream

Worth £288.55

Timexpert Rides Coffret – Supreme Cream

Worth £291.55

Timexpert Rides Coffret – Rich Cream

Worth £288.55

Timexpert Rides Global Cream – Rich Mini Gift


Timexpert Rides Eye Treatment Duo


Timexpert Rides Global Cream – Supreme


Timexpert Rides Global Cream – Soft


Timexpert Rides Global Cream – Rich


Timexpert Rides Age Cure



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