Timexpert Rides Eye Treatment Duo Set

A powerful new formulation launches our best eye products to fight against wrinkles.


SIZE: 20ml

Timexpert Rides Eye Treatment Duo Set

A powerful new formulation launches our best eye products to fight against wrinkles.


SIZE: 20ml

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The most advanced treatment to fight all areas of ageing around the eyes: Wrinkles, both deep and fine, flaccidity, dark circles and puffiness. With a host of exclusive ingredients created by the laboratories of Germaine de Capuccini undertaking the most rigorous of testing, results can be seen within a month of usage.

The new formulation includes the new revolutionary ingredients from the new Timexpert Rides line: Tissulage Tech & BTX-Tripeptine 

2 x 10ml products 

  • Day
  • Night


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Timexpert Rides Eye Treatment Duo Set

Take years off your eye contour


Timexpert RIDES reduces wrinkles. Around the eye area are one of the first places that wrinkles appear and other visible signs of ageing such as dark circles, puffiness or flaccidity. This is because this area is five times finer and less protected than the rest of the face.

The Duo provides 24-hour action & care:

  • By Day a gel-cream that hydrates and protects, smoothes, lifts and defends the skin against all outside aggressions.
  • By Night: a night cream that is wrapped in a nutritive and silky texture., with a formula that works intensely overnight to rebuild the delicate area of the eye contour, regenerates, relieves and lightens.

How to use

In the morning apply a small amount of the Day Gel-Cream (equivalent to a grain of rice) to the eye contour and include the upper eyelid. From 20:00h onwards, apply the Night Cream, to the same area with focus on dark circles.

A sequence of exercises inspired by facial yoga have been designed to enhance the results during the day and overnight. Also included in the box, follow the diagrams below paying particular attention to light drainage movements in the evening.

Key Ingredients

Active Ingredients:

BTX-Tripeptine:  An active ingredient created within the laboratories of Germaine de Capuccini.  With an innovative action against dynamic wrinkles.  A combination of 3 peptides with complementary actions to neutralise the effect of the constant dermo-contractions throughout the day.

Tissulage Tech: The regenerating power to fight static wrinkles with a complex of peptides, reducing the depth and length of wrinkles, both fine & deep.

Blefaroplex:  Increases collagen and elastin synthesis, with a lifting action that fights flaccidity on the eyelid.  The skin becomes firmer and more toned.

Biomimetic Oligosaccharides;  Generate an invisible barrier, defending the skin against pollution, allergens and other irritating agents that harm the skin daily.  They create a second skin that renews the skin’s vitality

Spherical Microparticles: Behaving like water deposits so the skin feels perfectly hydrated, thus fighting dryness.

Energy Phytoactives: A compound that combines three botanical extracts: Pfaffia, Maripuama and White Lily. Energy Phytoactives intervenes in the origin of the three problems that “place a shadow” on our eye contour: the ility of the small vessels, hyperpigmentation, and accumulation of liquid and/or fat.

• Against vascular dark circles, of bluish colour: strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, restores the microcirculation in the area and prevents the deposit of the blood pigments responsible for the blue/violet colouring. The eyelids are oxygenated.

• Against pigmentation dark circles, of brown colour: for its anti-inflammatory and soothing capacity it reduces the excessive production of melanin that originates as a consequence of a chronic inflammatory condition.

• Against puffiness: it adds two actions: draining and lipolytic. Reduces the accumulated liquid and fat deposits that generate the appearance of the two types of puffiness.

With Energy Phytoactives the signs of fatigue are extraordinarily reduced.

7 Reviews

Trusted Customer
5th Dec 2023
It’s just wonderful. It refreshes and plumps up around eye area. Highly recommend.
Diana Hunter
15th Nov 2023
The products are fantastic. I’m 54 and I use everything from cleanser to moisturiser including eye products. My skin is amazing.
Trusted Customer
19th Jul 2023
These work brilliantly every time, wouldn't be without them.
Carol Neyra
1st Nov 2022
(Timexpert Rides Eye Treatment Duo review)
I'm starting to use this product since few months ago and I'm so happy with the results.
Trusted Customer
3rd Oct 2022
(Timexpert Rides Eye Treatment Duo review)
I am happy with the product
Trusted Customer
8th Sep 2021
(Timexpert Rides Eye Treatment Duo review)
After using Clarins for thirty years I became allergic to there products so I changed to Germaine De Capuccini there products are very gentle on sensitive skin
Gillian Cracknell
6th Mar 2021
(Timexpert Rides Eye Treatment Duo review)
Item does what it says it will do.

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