Purexpert 1-2-3 Combination Skin Programme

Steps 1, 2 & 3 to clear, healthy skin


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Perfect for normal / combination skin, this kit reduces breakouts and excess oil in 3 simple steps. The cleanser and toner come complimentary with the moisturiser. 


Back by popular demand, steps 1, 2 and 3 for normal/combination skin.

Containing a 50ml No Stress Hydrating Cream for use, day and night, along with two free products, an Extra Comfort Cleansing Gel and a Refiner Essence for Normal/Combination Skin, these 2 products are travel sized and provide everything needed to help balance oiliness and leave the skin with a clearer matt finish.

  • Step 1: 30ml Extra Comfort Cleansing Gel
  • Step 2: 50ml Refiner Essence
  • Step 3: 50ml No Stress Hydrating Cream

 Feefo Review received:

I would definitely recommend Germaine! My skin was really oily and acne prone, I had tried everything from herbal remedies, changing my diet, different topical and oral medications, nothing worked. After almost three weeks of using the recommended products morning and evening my skin feels like it’s breathing and I can really see the difference. There’s no layer of oil and I’ve had a major decrease in blackheads and breakouts. The redness has gone down and my skin looks a lot smoother. My skin tends to be sensitive to a lot of products but it hasn’t been irritated at all since using Germaine. I have thrown out all my other brands and invested in the 1-2-3 purexpert step. The products smell and feel amazing on my skin, which I normally dread putting anything on it! Germaine has really worked wonders on my skin in such a short amount of time, anyone who has really struggled with acne, oily, scarred or a lot of redness on their skin (just like mine!) MUST try out Germaine!


Cleanse the skin morning and evening using the Extra Comfort Cleansing Gel, - massage into the face and neck with a few drops of warm water and rinse off.  Pat the skin dry and then apply the Refiner Essence to the skin, massaging in gently. Finally apply a small amount of the No Stress Hydrating Cream, - do this morning and evening.  


See under each individual product for it's ingredients on this website.

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Penny Stanton, WOODBRIDGE
14th Jan 2019
(No-Stress Hydrating Cream review)
Trusted Customer
3rd Jan 2019
(Purexpert Extra Comfort Cleansing Gel review)
Bought this for my daughter with slightly mixed skin and since she has started to use this - her skin looks clearer and much better.
monika bilnik
17th Dec 2018
(Purexpert Extra Comfort Cleansing Gel review)
love germaine products ,they are fantastic
Natasha Watchorn
8th Dec 2018
This set is such great value, a full size moisturiser and travel size face wash & toner for the same price as the moisturiser by itself. Definately worth it as the toner last for ages
severino panzetta
15th Aug 2018
Purchase was great easy and on time Thanks
Frances Bowley
1st Aug 2018
(No-Stress Hydrating Cream review)
I bought this for my daughter in law, she has used this product for several months and she is delighted with it
Carole Whitehead
5th May 2018
(No-Stress Hydrating Cream review)
Such beautiful product and works wonders on my skin
severino panzetta, London UK
26th Mar 2018
(No-Stress Hydrating Cream review)
Love the product and the smell thanks
Natasha Watchorn
19th Feb 2018
Great sizes of the product i use.
Trusted Customer
23rd Jan 2018
Good quality product. The set is reasonably priced.
Eimante Pakeltyte
20th Nov 2017
Perfect product for combination skin.
Natasha Watchorn
3rd Oct 2017
(Purexpert Extra Comfort Cleansing Gel review)
Fabulous cleanser that really works, my skin is far more balanced for using it.
Trusted Customer
25th Feb 2017
Before using Germaine de Capuccini products, my skin became more and more spotty despite using natural products for sensitive skin. My skin is now clearing up, as the products unblock my pores and make those long-term whiteheads/blackheads disappear permanently (after years of trying!). I definitely think that to achieve the best results, this set is the best option rather than buying just one of the products individually. If you have tried and tried clearing your skin with other products, then I would certainly recommend trying this set (I honestly needed real convincing to buy this set initially, but I am now so glad that I did).
Hayley Carter
21st Feb 2017
(No-Stress Hydrating Cream review)
Works great on my skin and causes no break outs as before
Trusted Customer
21st Nov 2016
Excellent products for normal to combination skin with big pores. I love this product
24th Feb 2016
(No-Stress Hydrating Cream review)
Lovely moisturiser for my skin. Does not irritate my skin and hydrates my skin beautifully. Would really recommend
Trusted Customer
8th Jan 2016
Again my skin has calmed down in just a few days
Trusted Customer
13th Nov 2015
(No-Stress Hydrating Cream review)
Soothes and hydrates my skin
kerry wilson, Bournemouth
5th Aug 2015
This was the first time I have tried this set and I will be replacing each item as it runs out. Its a good way to trial products.
Trusted Customer
1st Aug 2015
This product is wonderful, makes skin feel so clean without drying it out

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