Stay Sun-Safe this Summer

Even though we know we shouldn’t overindulge there is something wonderful about the feeling of warm sunshine on your back.

Summer has been kind to us this year. Endless weeks of blue skies and sunshine have made the task of not going out more bearable. But while many of us spend more time in the garden without the usual distractions it is easy to forget to slip, slap, slop when we are not heading to the beach.

However, protecting your skin more than just throwing on any old sunscreen. There are some key points you should consider when maintaining a healthy complexion:


Ever wondered why pigmentation arrives in autumn and is more visible later in life?

We know wearing a broad spectrum SPF in summer should be standard practice but a more accurate way to protect your skin from the effects from the sun is using an SPF when it’s day light.

Look out for the words broad spectrum. FDA regulations mean that the UVA protection (cause of premature ageing) is proportional to the UVB protection (responsible for sunburn)

Get the right level. SPF 30 = 30 times your sun exposure time before your skin burns. Check the Fitzpatrick scale for your timing. Plus the higher the SPF is, the higher the UVA protection.

How much is enough? Apply a third to half a teaspoon for your face. A regular size shot glass is a good measure for your face and body.

One coat might not be enough. Think about decorating a wall, you rarely get away with one coat to get a perfect even coverage. It’s the same with your skin.

What’s the difference between one for the face and one for body? Face products will have added anti-ageing ingredients whereas formulations for the body might be a mist or a fast absorbing emulsion. Germaine de Capuccini has something for everyone in their range of Timexpert Sun Solar Protection.

Reapply every 2 hrs to ensure you achieve the protection as labelled.